A new brand

Eforma is a new brand that was born from the necessity to satisfy the needs of a different target from the one of its mother company NewLine Srl. NewLine, that overtime has consolidated its reputation of being a high quality producer of upholstered chairs, has decided to create a own brand for its new design products which are all expression of an unique design philosophy where aesthetic-research meets technology passing through a sartorial manufacturing of upholsteries such as soft leather, synthetic leather, hide and fabric. A long experience, coming from years of work in this field, drove the company to this new project made of ideas, productive capacity and entrepreneurial skills, a knowhow that allow to take on the challenge of the new markets that are increasingly networked. For this reason, eforma alongside the traditional channels of distribution, has immediately addressed itself to the global market of e-commerce with the awareness of being able to offer high quality products by conceiving objects in which design merges with research and tradition, innovation and attention to details.